InsuResilience Investment Fund Private Equity II

The InsuResilience Investment Fund Private Equity II will provide equity financing to portfolio companies that are active in the value chain for insurance, enhancing final beneficiaries’ resilience to extreme weather events and natural catastrophes. Companies will need to fulfil the following requirements:

  • Sound governance, professional management, and aligned shareholders
  • Sustainable competitive advantage and strong operating capabilities – or ability to disrupt and scale
  • Several growth avenues, clear digital strategy, attractive valuation, and high (current or potential) earnings and ROE


FinAGG (India)

Founded in 2020, FinAGG is an invoice-based financing platform that offers financing to retailers & distributors of large corporates in sectors such as FMCG, consumer electronics & building products. It also embeds business insurance in the loans offered to the micro enterprises it works with, thus providing protection to these enterprises from climate events. FinAGG has access to 55k micro enterprises and plans to service ~500k+ micro enterprises by 2028.

Igloo (India)

Igloo is a full stack insurtech startup founded in 2016 and operates in six countries in Southeast Asia. Igloo partners with businesses (e.g., e-commerce, telecom) and offers their customers relevant and innovative insurance products. The company enables microinsurance at scale with ~73 million policies sold in 2021. In November 2022, Igloo launched Vietnam’s first weather index insurance – a blockchain-based parametric product that automates insurance claims of rice farmers, partnering with non-life insurance leader PVI Insurance and global reinsurer SCOR. It has also created a network of agents to distribute insurance products in the Southeast Asian region.

IIF II will work with Igloo to increase regional market penetration, especially for the poor and vulnerable people. In addition, the Fund will leverage its premium subsidy and technical assistance facilities to help Igloo drive the growth of crop insurance and other natural catastrophes insurance products in Southeast Asia.

Newe (Brazil)

Newe is a niche specialty insurance company that started its operations in January 2017 as the fronting business of the Brazilian reinsurance subsidy of an American insurer. In 2019, the top-management acquired 100% of Newe following the parent’s company decision to exit the Brazilian market. The company leverages big data to create and distribute agriculture insurance in Brazil targeting mid to low size farmers through cooperatives. Newe’s insurance products allow its clients to increase the stability of their business and to eliminate operational risks.

IIF II acquired 23.3% in Newe in December 2022 and will support Newe in creating new affordable parametric products for small-scale farmers and people with low incomes and reaching new markets within Brazil.