Education Partnerships

Impact Insurance Academy
The International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Impact Insurance Facility works to enable the insurance sector, governments and their partners to embrace impact insurance as a way of reducing households’ vulnerability, promoting stronger enterprises and facilitating better public policies. As part of its efforts to empower the insurance industry, governments and their partners to realize the full potential of insurance, the ILO’s Impact Insurance Facility and the ITCILO are together running an Impact Insurance Academy. The Academy is a unique opportunity to learn from the ten years of experience and innovation in inclusive insurance facilitated by the ILO’s Impact Insurance Facility. Combining plenary sessions with electives chosen by the participants, participative activities, case studies and intensive discussions, the Academy offers a dynamic learning environment in which participants and experts from all over the world can discuss ways of developing inclusive insurance.

The InsuResilience Investment Fund (IIF) in collaboration with ILO is offering sponsorship to its IIF investees and facilitating their participation in the Impact Insurance Academy. We see it as a unique opportunity for insurance practitioners to strengthen their impact insurance knowledge, create valuable network and exchange lessons learned. In addition, IIF contributes to the learning sessions with a lesson on climate insurance. For more information on the Impact Insurance Academy, please click here.